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Coal in the West: Where Economics and Ideology Clash

Though Washington and Oregon are dominated by the Democrat Party, by taking an anti-coal stance, they hinder the creation of mainly union jobs. Railroaders, longshoreman, miners, construction workers, who are all unionized, suffer from lack of work as the Democrats cater to the environmentalist wing of the party. Continue reading

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Montana’s Battle of the Titans: The Radical Environmentalists vs. the State’s Coal Future

Contrary to the charges made by these ideologically motivated environmentalists, coal exporting and transporting companies are going to great lengths to protect both their product as well as the environment. A good example of this is over the debate involving dust that blows off of coal being transported on trains. There is no incentive for coal companies to tolerate coal dust blowing off of their product, as it harms their profits. Therefore, these companies have begun to take new and effective measures to reduce the loss of dust. Continue reading

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Montana’s Fight in the War on Coal

Looking into the coal industry in Montana gives us a strong insight into the present state of affairs of American coal. Montana generally ranks around fifth in terms of coal output in the United States, while having the largest amount of reserves, roughly 25 percent of U.S. reserves, or 120 billion tons.

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