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Texas Style Public Transportation: Imposing Bus-Toll Lane Network on Every Freeway

The people of Texas overwhelmingly elected a new Governor who campaigned on the promise to fix Texas roads without raising taxes, fees, or tolls. The Lt. Governor also campaigned on reducing the reliance on tolls. So this AAMPO plan to impose bus-toll lanes across every freeway in San Antonio is NOT what the taxpayers voted for. Continue reading

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Houston toll agency surrenders control to TxDOT

An out of control Texas Department of Transportation has discovered how to self-fund its agency with unlimited taxation through tolls. Texas taxpayers have had little luck controlling TxDOT and its lust for toll roads, so this notion that handing TxDOT control will mean more free highway lanes just won’t materialize.

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Not toll viable: San Antonio tea party senator betrays grassroots

Citizens have no legal recourse to stop the vehicle registration fee money from being used to build toll roads since the law Senator Donna Campbell crafted has no prohibition on the money being used to fund toll projects. There’s also … Continue reading

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