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“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”: Obama, Syria, and Islamism

Apart from the loss of life and destruction, one of the tragedies of the Syraq war is that the Obama-led U.S. has pulled into the conflict on the side of the Sunni supremacists and Brotherhood-affiliates posing as freedom fighters. In this case, we must learn to think in terms of sober Realpolitik, and to acknowledge that ISIS toppling Assad is not in the U.S. interest. Continue reading

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Obama’s Reckless Plan Threatens U.S. Oversight of Internet

The liberal media continue to assert that handing over a function of the Internet will have minor repercussions. That’s because few in the media want to blame President Obama for, once again, damaging U.S. interests in his pursuit of the transformation of America. This is a complicated issue, but after the lies employed to sell the country on the phony Iran deal, and on Obamacare, Congress should block this surrender of U.S. Internet oversight for at least as long as Obama is President. Continue reading

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The Kerry-Putin Agreement and Syrian Ceasfire Collapse

Politics creates strange bedfellows, and in this one case, America’s interests seem to coincide with those of Russia, Iran, and Damascus. Going after ISIS with kid gloves means more terrorism and a continuation of the refugee crisis. Assad is a … Continue reading

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