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EU in the “Exit” Era: the Greek Case Renewed

The truth for Greece is simply that the status quo – globalization – has failed many and they do not want to be a part of a broken system anymore. They have come to believe that Grexit might be the … Continue reading

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The End of Palestine: Israel Has the Opportunity to Reclaim its Nation

Transnationalists are ideologically incapable of viewing a problem as unsolvable. Their faith in human progress through international law made it impossible for them to give up on the two-state solution. For two decades, pledging allegiance to the two-state solution and … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities — No, Wait, It’s a Tale of Two Galaxies

You asked me about my support of Trump. Everyone I know in New York City is appalled by President Trump. In the small town where I spend half my time, it’s the reverse. For them, the views of blue voters … Continue reading

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The Future of Populism is Conservative, Not Liberal

Populism gives Trump the opportunity to save the Right from its lassitude. And to conjure up the worst nightmare for the Left, a revival of national unity and purpose; the fear of which has already sparked hate speech and flag-burning … Continue reading

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America and the World in the Era of Globalization

The rest of the world is pretty much left (and maybe even kept) behind. That means that some very important countries, notably Russia and China, do not enjoy fully the fruits of economic globalization. They also feel frustrated and respond … Continue reading

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America, Globalization and Brexit

The British have just voted to leave the European Union in order to regain their national independence. For England, the vote marks the beginning of a return to common sense. It is a victory of the God-fearing people over the internationalists who advocate a border-less, God-less and very much a meaning-less new world order. We do need an orderly world, but it should be a world of free nations. It is high time for America to regain its sense of nation and sense of mission. Continue reading

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A Little Publicized Meeting Took Place in Romania

The atmosphere of the Siania, Romania meeting was festive, and the event was apparently well-orchestrated. However, the main topic of the conference was both anti-West and anti-European Union. In her speech, for example, Marine Le Pen assured Romania that the country would be better off if it left the EU, which she described as ‘a drifting ship without a compass,’ and ‘a total failure.’ Le Pen questioned the EU’s future, calling it ‘a threat to its inhabitants.’ Instead, she proposed a Union ‘from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains’… a Europe that would also include Russia. Continue reading

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America and the Process of Globalization

It appears that the biggest socio-political division of our time is no longer between rightist and leftist political trends, as it was during the Cold War era. It is between nationalism and greater globalization. Washington is caught between a shift from managed international economics and trade and the new patriotic nationalism at home. Continue reading

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Trump’s Campaign Slogan — “Make America Great Again” — Reflects Rise in National Sentiment

It is often said that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. The turn to the Right in America started with a backlash against the disastrous ideas, both social and economic, that came out of the 1960s and reached fruition with the “stagflation” and anarchy of President Jimmy Carter. A new generation has suffered through the painfully slow half-recovery under President Barack Obama. Thus, both the libertarian and democratic-socialist models have failed. This leaves only a genuine conservative model to save the day, if it can find a champion. Continue reading

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Club for Growth (in China) Attacks Trump

Trump should welcome the attack by the Club for Growth (in China), as it exposes the group’s anti-American platform in perfect contrast to Trump’s posture as a “patriotic businessman;” a notion alien to the Club’s liberal philosophy which holds national loyalty to be outdated and irrelevant to the conduct of “globalization” and transnational corporatism. Continue reading

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NAFTA Superhighway Underway in Northeast Indiana: Multinational Operators Vie for I-69

Close on the heels of news that Interstate 69 (I-69) is underway in Texas, the Indiana Finance Authority and highway department (INDOT) has selected four private developers to submit proposals for a public-private partnership (P3) on segment 5 of I-69 from Bloomington to Martinsville. The final selection is expected this fall.

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