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Winning the Moral Argument for Brexit: Emancipating the British Economy from Fortress Europe

As long as a product states ‘Fair Trade’ on the label and promises to build new schools, nobody pauses to wonder why coffee beans grown in Africa are not being roasted and sold by Africa. In 2014 Africa made £1.6 … Continue reading

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Does Rise of Macron and Schulz Mean Return of “Third Way” Politics in Europe?

To reach that goal will require some measure of achievement by Macron in the early days of his presidency and for Schulz to emerge as chancellor after a nip-and-tuck race with incumbent Angela Merkel. Then Europe and the world will … Continue reading

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Eurocrats: Transparency vs. the Monet Method

Isn’t this obvious to everyone, including the Poles? One is afraid, however, that the refusal to recognize the reality of the European Union meted out to Poland its stinging slap on the face. Donald Tusk has been elected because his … Continue reading

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The Return of Mahan, Mackinder, and Spykman

Russia and Germany are signed on to Beijing’s project. They are both cooperating as well as investing in the “One Belt, One Road” project (OBOR) announced in 2013. Does this portend the awakening of Mackinder’s powerful Heartland thesis? The possible … Continue reading

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Western Civilization: Crisis of Confidence

We’re caught in an awful contradiction when we welcome into our midst members of a culture that accepts chattel slavery, the brutal subjugation of women, the murder of apostates, honor killings, murdering homosexuals, and killing those who insult their religion. Try to put yourself into the mind of a man who would murder his own daughter for being raped, daring to choose her own husband, or just getting uppity in public. Honor killings have come to Europe with Muslim immigrants, and lately to America. Continue reading

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Was March 13 The Start of Germany‘s “Trump Phenomenon?”

In many ways, the “AfD phenomenon” is increasingly likened to that of the “Trump Phenomenon” in the United States. Lacking a charismatic leader in the mold of Donald Trump, the AfD has nonetheless electrified voters with its hard-line on immigration and its persona as the movement opposed to the political “establishment.” According to Martin Klingst of Die Zeit, “The United Nations Human Rights Council says that there are already about 200,000 refugees waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Italy again and that more and more refugees will choose this dangerous route once the Balkan route is closed.” Continue reading

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The Cologne Attacks: A Look at Europe’s Future

This reality has become more dangerous for both refugees and EU citizens. Neither party has any security or cultural stability anymore. And, when equilibrium is challenged, a struggle for survival ensues. It might already be too late, yet even so, measures need to be taken to prevent a clash of civilizations. With the current state of affairs, such a conflict can have no winners. And, if the situation stays as it is, Western European culture, as we know it, will have no future. Continue reading

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What “Merkel 3.0″ Means to Germany, U.S., and Europe

Politicians and pundits from Berlin to Washington are still reeling over the landslide win of German Chancellor Angela Merkel a week ago Sunday. Observers wonder what a third term and a new cast in her ruling coalition in the Bundestag (parliament) means for the strong-willed lady known as “Iron Angie,” “Mother Europe.”

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Why German Vote This Month Matters

The irony about Germany’s national election September 22 is that there is far greater interest in the outcome in foreign capitals from Washington to Athens to Brussels than there is among voters in Berlin, Munich or anywhere in Germany. The reason for this “ho-hum” attitude among the German electorate about their election as well as the “can’t wait” attitude among the rest of the world is summarized in two words: Angela Merkel. Her CDU (right-of center) Party is leading comfortably in nearly all polls for Bundestag races (lower house of parliament) later this month.

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