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MAGA vs. Russia

Along with Beijing, Moscow challenges the global leadership of Washington. Trump never gives anything away for free. His reflex is to protect what America controls and to reclaim what she used to master. That, in the long run, entails confronting … Continue reading

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Warsaw NATO Summit: One Step Forward, One Step Back

The true paradox of this summit is that the NATO policy moves a step forward and a step back, at the same time. While being truly insightful about the geopolitical threats outside NATO, the final summit document introduces solutions giving non-NATO institutions access to vulnerable information. Meanwhile, Europe is a continent steeped in history that has its own dynamics. It is good to remember that before any cooperation between NATO and EU institutions is tightened. Continue reading

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Sikorski’s Vulgar Musings and Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

Radek Sikorski’s party, the governing Civic Platform, attacked the Kaczyński twins (Lech and Jaroslaw, president and prime minister of Poland in 2005, respectively) and their Law and Justice Party for their staunchly pro-American policies and assertiveness vis-à-vis Moscow, Berlin, and Brussels…

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The EU’s Vilnius Summit and the Ukraine Fiasco

A much anticipated summit was held in Vilnius, Lithuania (Nov. 28-29), to prepare the eastern expansion of the European Union. The big prize was to bring Ukraine closer to Europe. At the same time, three other smaller countries, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia, were expected to sign association agreements with the EU.

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The new Russian periphery in Europe: Azerbaijan and U.S. policy

The new periphery of Russia in Europe consists of the Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Moldova, and the South Caucasus republics of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union this so-called “near abroad” has constituted a bone of contention between Russia and the West.

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