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The Cuba Decide Plebiscite: To Be, or Not to Be Free!

After decades of freedom-less lives under totalitarian rule, the Cuba Decide Plebiscite is a citizen-led initiative fundamentally asking the Cuban people a rational judgment question: Do you want to be free? “Yes” or “No.” Who can possibly object to such … Continue reading

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The Cultures of Individualism and Collectivism

The moral hymn for collectivist societies is “The greatest good for the greatest number,” which sounds democratic until we consider that this philosophy can, and has been used, to justify the most inhumane actions by collectivist regimes and the likes … Continue reading

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Hispanic Voters and the Role of Government

In the Hispanic electorate, if we peel off most dogmatic arguments against free markets, an intellectual discomfort with freedom itself becomes obvious. This discomfort is what the preference for bigger government reveals. The Hispanic intellectual uneasiness with freedom is dismaying, because freedom is the only enduring foundation for improving the human condition. Continue reading

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Free speech – a dying right

Despite the fact that it is considered an exemplar of democracy throughout the world, the United States is dealing with many issues which seem to increasingly restrict its citizens’ freedoms. One of these is free speech. Can the U.S., a country in the throes of extreme political correctness, still think of itself as a bastion of free speech protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, or is it now only allowed to listen to a few biased opinions of people who fit into the mold of what a 21st century citizen should be like?

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