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Why Polish Americans Support Trump

I would say that American Poles are painfully realistic because they have been through much more than the average American having been invaded from the East by the Soviet Union and from the West by Nazi Germany. Under Soviet occupation during the Cold War, many have seen much harder times. Accordingly, they decide to support the candidate who seems to be more down to earth with his rhetoric and – for all his faults – more patriotic. Because people of Polish descent know that when it comes to survival, only those who believe in America and American values stand the chance to protect them, also in the international arena Continue reading

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DNC: The Neocons Come Home Behind The Democrats’ Hawkish Platform

Some Republicans are not unhappy to see them go. As Tom Pauken, former Republican State chairman of Texas, a backer of the non-interventionist view of the GOP, put it, “Let them go back to the party from whence they came.” Continue reading

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