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What Distinguishes the Freedom Tax from the Fair Tax?

The Fair Tax does not really abolish the IRS. BUT, the FreedomTax would achieve this goal for nearly everyone. As a simple, tax-efficient income tax providing for the at-source taxation of most income, the FreedomTax would end the universal personal-return filing requirement. This reform will result in most people never again having to file a personal tax return to pay their personal tax to the IRS. The FreedomTax will result in a dramatic down-sizing of the IRS, effectively abolishing it from our lives. Continue reading

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The Fair Tax — “Be Careful What You Wish For”

A new agency would be created to administer and oversee the Fair Tax, the Sales Tax Bureau (“STB”). It would be vested with audit and collection powers similar to those of the IRS, as would the state sales-tax authorities working with the STB to run the system. The Fair Tax bills introduced in Congress contain provisions to establish a toll-free telephone violation-reporting system and create a rewards program for private parties who assist the STB authorities in discovering or prosecuting Fair Tax evaders. Continue reading

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Is Ted Cruz the New Champion of the Flat Tax?

Cruz is wise to champion a flat tax early on in the presidential race for the White House, it may be enough to tip some undecided Republicans over to him, especially non-social conservatives who have not yet warmed up to him. He has a long history of advocating for a flat tax. And if he does become president, Cruz is the aggressive, gutsy type of leader who will make it happen. Continue reading

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