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Romania and the EU in 2017: The Case for a Backup Plan

In the UK, Brexit took the establishment completely by surprise; polls showed “Remain” winning. No matter what the future holds, isn’t it better for a country and its people to prepare for a crisis and have a backup plan rather … Continue reading

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Why Theresa May Has Played a Blinder

What with all the new free trade deals in the pipeline for Britain, and the EU’s infamous glacial pace at negotiating anything, as well as the constant economic alarm bells clanging from the crippled economies of the Mediterranean Eurozone (that … Continue reading

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What “Merkel 3.0″ Means to Germany, U.S., and Europe

Politicians and pundits from Berlin to Washington are still reeling over the landslide win of German Chancellor Angela Merkel a week ago Sunday. Observers wonder what a third term and a new cast in her ruling coalition in the Bundestag (parliament) means for the strong-willed lady known as “Iron Angie,” “Mother Europe.”

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