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The European Spring Was Sprung, But Only a Fool Would Imagine Euroscepticism Is Dead in the UK

As I have made plain before, there is no such thing as a soft and a hard Brexit. This is little more than a narrative device enabling politicians to adopt a multitude of contradictory opinions in order to appease all … Continue reading

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UK General Election Analysis

While the left hungrily defends anything considered minority, they feel emboldened to attack what have hitherto been majority viewpoints in an increasingly fascistic manner. I don’t know what this new social religion is, nor do I really wish to sign … Continue reading

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Major’s Major Mistakes

The man responsible for putting pen to paper over the infamous Maastricht Treaty in 1992 tried to tell the country that they were the ones who had been wrong to back Brexit. John Major, part of the crack team of … Continue reading

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Brexit: UK High Court Intervenes

Nobody is saying the referendum shouldn’t have happened, nor does this current judgment deny the result, it merely questions the apparatus by which the decision is now put into effect. The process should have the continuous involvement of recourse to Parliament, and could therefore drag on even longer, opening the door for economic instability both in the UK and in Europe in the interim. With a second Eurozone crisis looming, nobody wants Brexit to take decades. Continue reading

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How does a Union leave a Union?

The principle clamor from each devolved country’s Nationalists is to remain in the Single Market, essentially a false dichotomy and surely off the table, thus moving the narrative closer towards a second Scottish referendum. May doesn’t appear willing to give way, and Sturgeon’s majority is such that she has almost absolute power in Scotland. I wonder now whether the imperative ‘leave’, from Catalonia to Cardiff to California is an even more attractive concept, in a new digitized, global era Continue reading

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