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Theresa May’s Brexit Speech in Midst of Rising Euroscepticism

The EU is hardly showering itself in glory among its citizens, tired of a lack of accountability and a deeply controversial migration policy. Brussels would be minded to not serve a blow to European businesses, too, just to frustrate Brexit … Continue reading

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Even With “Boris and the Brexiters,” May’s Cabinet is Mixed Bag for the Right

“Brexit is Brexit,” declared May in spelling out her position to execute the will of the voters in wanting to leave the European Union. Certainly her tapping of Johnson, Fox, Davis and several others are strong signs she means it and will act accordingly. But whether May goes on to become another Margaret Thatcher is a saga that is yet to be written. Continue reading

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GOP Foreign Policy Platform: “Back to the Future”

“The way in which party platforms are written is very, very ambiguous. I respect Pat Buchanan’s position, but the world is changing. Trotsky once said, ‘you may not like war, but war likes you.’ It is a very difficult and dangerous world and no platform today can determine what a President will face in the future and how he must respond.” – Herb London, president of the London Center for Policy Research Continue reading

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