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Days of Rage and the War on Police

Militant groups such as Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers or Nation of Islam declare war on the police or white people in general and urge the killing of white police officers as oppressors and black officers as “race traitors.” Young white kids declare solidarity with them and vow to fight to end “white privilege.” Continue reading

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Education Agenda for the Next President – Undoing the Damage of the Obama Regime: Disproportionate Discipline

Certain students see themselves as “untouchable.” Oklahoma City Schools and other school districts forced to adopt the Department of Education’s “steps of action” can expect similar outcomes. As others have pointed out, all students, including minority students, are harmed when criminals and criminals-in-the-making are allowed to control our schools. One civics lesson students need to learn is that under our system of justice, the punishment fits the crime, not the race. That should be the policy of the next administration. The next attorney general should lift the diktats and restore justice in our schools. Continue reading

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