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“Polish Death Camps” — More “Fake News”

Most people are unaware that World War II began when Hitler, from the west, and Stalin, from the east, attacked Poland. They do not know that Poland never surrendered to Hitler. They do not know that the first person who … Continue reading

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One of Last Living Holocaust Survivors Offers Enduring Advice

Martin Greenfield is a world-renowned White House and celebrity tailor. He has made suits for everyone from presidents Eisenhower to Obama, LeBron James to Paul Newman, and Frank Sinatra to the cast of The Great Gatsby. Continue reading

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The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim World

It was easier to appease the Nazis. It is easier to appease the Muslim world. The Jews were not seen as a canary in the coalmine; instead, like the Czechs and then the Poles and then everyone else, they were an obstacle to making a deal with the devil. The ghosts of Auschwitz are still haunting Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq, Iran and a hundred other places.

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