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German Alt-Right Surges and Dominates the Former Communist East

Though there is unlikely to be any major change in German policy, for the moment, the AfD’s surge, especially in the former East Germany, suggests a massive psychological shift amongst average Germans, in a country haunted by guilt from the … Continue reading

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Stunning Surprise Looms in German Election: Nationalist Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) Headed for Big Finish

A just-completed “Deutschland Trend” poll by ARD (German Radio) showed the CDU-CSU leading the SPD in seats for the Bundestag by a striking margin of 37% to 21%. If accurate, this means that the SPD – considered one of the … Continue reading

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Trump and America’s Changing Relationship with Europe

Two men changing the face of the Western political establishment joined together on stage. A tight handshake that would come to mark the future President of America’s most analysed body language… Continue reading

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German Trumps Score Latest Gain in Berlin Elections

As Merkel steadfastly insists she will not limit the number of refugees entering Germany this year, the AfD grows in strength and numbers. How it fares at the polls next year will surely be a defining chapter in the saga of reunified Germany. Continue reading

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Like Trump and Brexit, AfD Showing in Germany Spells Bad Times for “Establishment”

With nearly 1 million refugees admitted to Germany last year alone and 220,000 asylum-seekers arriving since January 1 (according to Deutsche Welle News), the AfD is almost certain to be a major player in the 2017 national elections. Continue reading

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Brexit Calls for U.S. to Reconsider Foreign Policy

With Germany economically dependent on the natural gas provisions from Russia, it is hard to expect any strong German support for NATO activities on the eastern flank. This is proven by the German reaction to the joint NATO war games, Anaconda 16, that are taking place in Eastern Europe. A NATO member, as it is, Germany denied the right of passage to the allied troops on their way to the games referring to them as “saber-rattling and warmongering.” The centers of power in Europe are shifting and Washington needs to choose its allies carefully. When we look at the map of Europe, it is quite clear that the new rampart of NATO is no longer Germany but Poland and the Baltic States. Continue reading

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Reversing the 1683 Siege of Vienna

On September 11 – the anniversary of the worst attack on America – in 1683, when the decisive stage of the battle of Vienna began over three-hundred years ago, the Muslim Ottoman siege was lifted and Islam was turned away from conquering more of Christian Europe. Today, Islam’s Hijrah is on the march and has returned to Europe, indeed, even invited in by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and seems about to reverse the Ottoman setback at Vienna during the late 17th Century, a third of a millennia ago. But, this time, there may not be a Polish King like Jan III Sobieski to save Germany. Continue reading

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Was March 13 The Start of Germany‘s “Trump Phenomenon?”

In many ways, the “AfD phenomenon” is increasingly likened to that of the “Trump Phenomenon” in the United States. Lacking a charismatic leader in the mold of Donald Trump, the AfD has nonetheless electrified voters with its hard-line on immigration and its persona as the movement opposed to the political “establishment.” According to Martin Klingst of Die Zeit, “The United Nations Human Rights Council says that there are already about 200,000 refugees waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Italy again and that more and more refugees will choose this dangerous route once the Balkan route is closed.” Continue reading

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The Cologne Attacks: A Look at Europe’s Future

This reality has become more dangerous for both refugees and EU citizens. Neither party has any security or cultural stability anymore. And, when equilibrium is challenged, a struggle for survival ensues. It might already be too late, yet even so, measures need to be taken to prevent a clash of civilizations. With the current state of affairs, such a conflict can have no winners. And, if the situation stays as it is, Western European culture, as we know it, will have no future. Continue reading

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The Paris-San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks and the Battle for Western Civilization

Whether solutions point in the direction of stemming the migrant flow through new policies, securing the EU borders, reinstating passports and border checks for each Schengen nation, or witnessing countries taking this issue into their own hands, one thing is certain: peace and unity cannot be maintained if the situation goes unchanged. The recent Islamist attacks on Paris and San Bernardino are pivotal moments for the future of Western civilization, which now hangs in the balance. Continue reading

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The Current Refugee Crisis in Europe

Many people in Europe are asking what will happen if tens of millions of foreign refugees flood the continent? There are already a number of Muslim enclaves in Western Europe and most Muslims do not assimilate to the European culture. In fact, they challenge the European authorities by demanding the application of their own laws and customs. How much longer will Europe survive culturally and politically under such pressure? Continue reading

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Ukrainian-Russian tensions: A major risk for European energy security

“The question of exports to Russia falls under [EU sanctions] stage three. About when to trigger stage three, if there is more destabilization we have agreed, also myself bilaterally with the U.S. President, that if [Ukrainian] elections take place we won’t trigger stage three. We see elections have taken place successfully…”

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Why German Vote This Month Matters

The irony about Germany’s national election September 22 is that there is far greater interest in the outcome in foreign capitals from Washington to Athens to Brussels than there is among voters in Berlin, Munich or anywhere in Germany. The reason for this “ho-hum” attitude among the German electorate about their election as well as the “can’t wait” attitude among the rest of the world is summarized in two words: Angela Merkel. Her CDU (right-of center) Party is leading comfortably in nearly all polls for Bundestag races (lower house of parliament) later this month.

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John Kerry’s first foreign trip: Much ado about nothing

On March 6, Barack Obama’s new Secretary of State, John Kerry—who succeeded Hillary Clinton as a result of the fallout following the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last September 11 — has returned home after an eleven-day nine-nation grand tour. During his first trip abroad as head of the Department of State, he visited the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

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