Demand Congress Act. End Judicial Activism Now!

Recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings showed that conservatives no longer can win in court on the issues that matter most – issues that determine our quality of life and culture: immigration, criminal justice, abortion and marriage.

The judiciary has become the most powerful branch of government. Unelected judges have abused this power to create, in the words of Justice Antonin Scalia, “a country I do not recognize.”

The Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research is leading a bold new initiative to end the reign of liberal judges called “Empower the States” to restore to the states and the people their rightful authority to govern themselves on these key areas of public policy.

Congress must use its power under Article III, section 2 of the Constitution to remove jurisdiction from the federal courts over issues where the courts have long abused their powers. Congress has acted under Article III many times but not on these issues where reform is long overdue.

We believe it’s time for Congress to reign in unelected liberal judges. Take the first step – become involved. Stand with us today to demand Congress end judicial activism by signing our pledge.

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