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MAGA vs. Russia

Along with Beijing, Moscow challenges the global leadership of Washington. Trump never gives anything away for free. His reflex is to protect what America controls and to reclaim what she used to master. That, in the long run, entails confronting … Continue reading

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Deporting Russia’s Past: The Anti-Polish Operation of the NKVD

Under a pretext of destroying a non-existent Polish spy organization, the “nationalities” extermination action of the NKVD, which took place USSR-wide and not just in selected localities, was launched by Stalin and his henchmen as part of the Great Terror … Continue reading

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In the Shadow of the Red Banner

The Bolsheviks survived their founding crucible, and they spread. Over the course of the last century, Lenin’s missionaries and converts slaughtered more than 100 million souls from the face of this world, while repressing countless others. By Adam C. Sykes … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin: North Korea ‘Will Eat Grass’ Before Giving Up Its Nuclear Program

Will the recent Chinese action cutting off financial services against North Korea’s Kim advance his day of reckoning? No one knows for sure. Until that day arrives, however, Putin’s observation still stands—Kim will ensure the North Koreans continue to eat … Continue reading

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Bay of Pigs: 50 Years Later

Many Americans alive today know nothing at all about the Bay of Pigs invasion, yet its reverberations have had lasting effects on the United States, Cuba, and the world.

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