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The American people, Not Unelected Judges, Must Control Immigration and Refugee Policy

By ignoring the courts, President Trump will restore respect for his authority, for the separation of powers and for the power of the people to rule themselves. And he will be following in the tradition of Jefferson, Lincoln and Jackson. … Continue reading

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Trump Effect in Denmark: Reinvigorating Nationalism and National Defense

Trump could indirectly make “it easier for us to criticize politicians like Merkel in Germany and the EU. Trump will be able to change the ways we think and act, especially if he succeeds with his proposals of vetting immigrants, … Continue reading

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Will the Brits Ever Learn, an Armed Citizenry is a Safe Citizenry

A man threw chairs, glasses and bottles at the attackers in an attempt to stop them, according to the Guardian. Apparently, no one at the scene had anything else with which to stop them…. Continue reading

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Migrant Crisis in Europe Revisited

The fact that the European Union legislative and executive bodies threaten those EU members, Poland and Hungary, which question harmful policies on reasonable grounds, does not bode well for unity or democracy in Europe. Neither does the fact that Germany, … Continue reading

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Trump Lets You Vote on Controversial 2020 Census Changes

The OMB’s decision on whether to implement Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to change the census to create a Middle Eastern-North African racial category and other government surveys is only part of the story. While the Obama Census Bureau has endorsed … Continue reading

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Austin Mayor Colluded with Obama to Accept Refugees Despite Governor Halting Program

The Obama administration is doing its level best to turn Texas blue on his way out of office, despite the governor’s withdrawal from the program and the incoming administration’s strong stance against illegal immigration, unvetted refugee resettlement, and non-citizen threats … Continue reading

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Why the Burkini Ban is Right

Does it matter what Muslim women wear to the beach? Arguably, the government should not be getting involved in swimwear. But the clothing of Muslim women is not a personal fashion choice. It’s not about modesty. It’s not about religion. It’s about putting a “Do Not Rape” sign on Muslim women. And putting a “Free to Molest” sign on non-Muslim women. In the Islamic worldview, sexual violence is the fault of the victim, not the perpetrator. Continue reading

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