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Protest in Iran and the Strange Islamist-Progressive Alliance

Donald Trump, in profound contrast to the mainstream media, is giving his entire support to the #IranProtesters. One brave and insightful man is using social media’s Twitter platform to undercut the entire Deep State media complex. Never have so many … Continue reading

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Trump’s Jerusalem Power-Play Leads From The Front

Power, not appeasement or concession-based “diplomacy,” has always prevailed in the history of the world, and power is demonstrated by executing a power play. The President’s new approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians means they can get … Continue reading

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Diplomacy in the Trump Era

Diplomacy in the Trump era is likely to be misunderstood and unsatisfying to the usual constituencies. It will be a diplomacy that emphasizes negotiations, unbounded by ideological conceptions of good and evil, but responsive to the requirements of U.S. national … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Divide America?

Thus, what seems like a minor event, a few players knelling in protest of the American flag and national anthem, is part of a much larger movement linked in an ideology well ensconced in some of the country’s leading institutions, … Continue reading

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