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The Trump Effect in Germany: Where Strength and Skepticism Clash

For Robin Classen, the most important idea of Trump’s is “to end illegal immigration in the US and to deport illegal immigrants. If he will succeed with this idea, it will show the European nations that the immigration of the … Continue reading

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Trump Hosts Romania’s President, Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis’ White House visit was reassuring for those Eastern European NATO countries that feel threatened by Russia. For the Western European leaders, the message sent by President Trump was that they must meet the 2% of GDP annual payment for … Continue reading

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Trump and America’s Changing Relationship with Europe

Two men changing the face of the Western political establishment joined together on stage. A tight handshake that would come to mark the future President of America’s most analysed body language… Continue reading

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Bombs and Ballots: Intelligence Betrayals Before British Elections

The prevailing atmosphere of Washington, DC, what President Trump calls “the swamp” runs deeper and wider than any have ever imagined. The dysfunctional intelligence community raising its ugly head is becoming the revenge of the swamp monster. In fact, people … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

May this complex situation in Europe, geographically so much closer to Russia, be a case in point? Russian modus operandi is radically different from the Western ideals of transparency and fair play. Open sources of influence alternate with semi-official or clandestine channels, just like in the case of email leaks during the presidential campaign in the U.S. Therefore, when a new American foreign policy is shaped and decisions are taken in 2017, one thing needs to be remembered: A gift needn’t be a token of friendship. Continue reading

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