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On the Future of Freedom

The future of freedom depends on our understanding that sustained societal cooperation and economic prosperity are only possible when individual freedom is maximized in a democratic milieu. The future of freedom hinges on being free from government coercion. Sadly, the … Continue reading

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The Dirty Red Secrets of May: The Left and Communism

This is the left: It returns to the dream of the true radicalism of a totalitarian leftist state. It occasionally deals with uncomfortable truths. Circles around them. And then it lapses back into an opium dream of Marxists sitting around … Continue reading

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Texas Lawmakers Eye Rolling Back Laws that Make You a Criminal for Daily Living

Americans are a bunch of criminals. That’s a true statement when you look at the sheer volume of laws on the books. Whether it’s the arcane tax code or litany of violations for simply going about your daily life, Americans … Continue reading

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Will Texas Welcome Back Uber?

Local and state governments spar as Texas state lawmakers seek to tamp overreach By Terri Hall l February 1, 2017 One thing is clear — Texas state lawmakers are none too happy that cities like Austin have interfered with Texas … Continue reading

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