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MAGA vs. Russia

Along with Beijing, Moscow challenges the global leadership of Washington. Trump never gives anything away for free. His reflex is to protect what America controls and to reclaim what she used to master. That, in the long run, entails confronting … Continue reading

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Deporting Russia’s Past: The Anti-Polish Operation of the NKVD

Under a pretext of destroying a non-existent Polish spy organization, the “nationalities” extermination action of the NKVD, which took place USSR-wide and not just in selected localities, was launched by Stalin and his henchmen as part of the Great Terror … Continue reading

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Trump Hosts Romania’s President, Klaus Iohannis

Iohannis’ White House visit was reassuring for those Eastern European NATO countries that feel threatened by Russia. For the Western European leaders, the message sent by President Trump was that they must meet the 2% of GDP annual payment for … Continue reading

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Bombs and Ballots: Intelligence Betrayals Before British Elections

The prevailing atmosphere of Washington, DC, what President Trump calls “the swamp” runs deeper and wider than any have ever imagined. The dysfunctional intelligence community raising its ugly head is becoming the revenge of the swamp monster. In fact, people … Continue reading

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Powell: Portentious or Polarising

Enoch Powell, of course, was an esteemed scholar. He was the most brilliant classical scholar of his generation at Cambridge, becoming the youngest professor in the British Empire, the youngest Brigadier in the Army, and the youngest Cabinet Minister. This … Continue reading

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EU Tusk Affair: Poland Is No UK

The new generation in Poland, born and raised in freedom, is absolutely worth watching – it is they, contrary to the popular narrative, and not the retirees, who swayed the last electoral cycle: the young, who don’t watch traditional TV, … Continue reading

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The End of Palestine: Israel Has the Opportunity to Reclaim its Nation

Transnationalists are ideologically incapable of viewing a problem as unsolvable. Their faith in human progress through international law made it impossible for them to give up on the two-state solution. For two decades, pledging allegiance to the two-state solution and … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

May this complex situation in Europe, geographically so much closer to Russia, be a case in point? Russian modus operandi is radically different from the Western ideals of transparency and fair play. Open sources of influence alternate with semi-official or clandestine channels, just like in the case of email leaks during the presidential campaign in the U.S. Therefore, when a new American foreign policy is shaped and decisions are taken in 2017, one thing needs to be remembered: A gift needn’t be a token of friendship. Continue reading

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French Center Right Gears Up for LePen with “Fillon Shocker”

The Republicans, in near-final returns from the party’s first-ever primary, dark-horse candidate and former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, 62, topped an eight-candidate field with 46 percent of the vote. The resume of Felon, of course, is like those of most … Continue reading

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The Export Ban on U.S. Crude Oil Has Been Lifted: What’s Next?

The alternatives open to the country are basically exporting some of its increased production or to apply this new production to minimize and, eventually, to eliminate import requirements. It would seem that U.S. exports of crude oil, at this moment in time, will be more beneficial in almost all respects to the overall U.S. economy and national interest than trying to replace oil imports with the new domestic production. Continue reading

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Can the U.S. Provide Europe with Energy Security in the Face of Russian Aggression?

It appears conditions are right for the U.S. to export oil and gas in significant amounts to Europe. This would be not only economically favorable to the U.S. but politically very favorable to Europe, since it could largely replace in the medium term an unreliable source of energy supply from Russia by a much more reliable and friendly source, the United States.

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World outlook of shale gas: Slow but inevitable growth – Part IV

The spectacular growth of shale gas in the U.S. has opened the path for similar developments in other countries. The speed at which these other countries can progress could be much higher since the technology perfected in the U.S. can now be applied elsewhere.

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Geopolitics of Gas in Europe

The Nabucco natural gas pipeline project that would transport gas from the Caspian region and the Middle East to Europe, starting in Turkey and ending in Austria, began to be developed in 2004.

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Nabucci IGA Strengthens Europe’s Energy Security

The weakest link in the Nabucco natural gas pipeline project, which received the go ahead from five countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Turkey on July 13 in Ankara, Turkey, has been the guarantee of gas supply to the pipeline in the strategic 50-year Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA).

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European Energy Security: In the Paw of the Bear

Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on Russia for much of its energy requirements. The countries of the European Union already import about 80% of their oil and close to 55% of their natural gas requirements.

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