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Storm Clouds Gathering Over South Africa

Jacob Zuma was forced out as head of the ANC at its annual National Executive Committee meeting in December 2017. It is worth noting that it is the head of the ANC who leads the ticket during South Africa’s national … Continue reading

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Elections Have Consequences for the 2020 Census

The Trump administration is overseeing the elimination of the Obama Census Bureau’s recommendations for two new complicated artificial questions for racial categories based on geography – Middle Eastern North African (MENA) and ethnicity – Hispanic-Latino, as well as a complex … Continue reading

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The Search for a Russian Mole in the Post-Hanssen Era

FBI Director Christopher Wray will have to clean house – not just of the partisan operatives but the security risks and possible Russian agents. Then the focus can move back to where it belongs – the espionage activities of Hillary … Continue reading

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Red State, Blue State: Why Americans Vote the Way they Do

The Founders knew they didn’t have final answers, and they made compromises between their ideals and practical reality. They embodied these in the Constitution, and even wrote an operating manual for it, called The Federalist Papers, which, like most operating … Continue reading

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Target Trump Campaign: Obama’s Domestic Spying Abuses

This high-level scandal was, and still is, aided and abetted by the mainstream media which has now become nothing more than a clique of left-wing Democrat Party operatives with bylines in the production and dissemination of FAKE NEWS. Americans haven’t … Continue reading

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Alabama Special Senate Election Ballot Confusion

The special election ballot design was especially confusing in this election as there was only one partisan race on the ballot. This gave voters two ways to support their candidate in the contest. On top of the ballot was a … Continue reading

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Will Trump Save the 2020 Census?

Under the Obama administration, the Arab-American Institute and other Arab-American organizations supported the Census Bureau’s effort to add a separate Middle East and North African (MENA) racial category to the upcoming 2020 Census. Democrats quietly but effectively sowed the seeds … Continue reading

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