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The Rebirth of Chinese Imperialism

Kaplan presents The Return of Marco Polo’s World as a codex of essential writings from his career over the previous ten years to advise us on the future of geopolitics in Eurasia and how American policy should adapt and proceed. … Continue reading

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America’s Legacy of Westward Expansion

Robert D. Kaplan, noted for his personal travel stories that serve as a mode of social and political analysis, presents us with his most sentimental book yet. Taken from the inspiration of his father’s travels across America, he set aside … Continue reading

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America’s Borders, Language, and Culture

In Trump’s War: The Battle for America, Michael Savage, the conservative radio commentator has written a book for our time that goes beyond just bashing liberals. His insightful, well presented book is a dynamic and all-encompassing manifesto that lays out … Continue reading

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Exposing the Liberal Heroes of the Women’s Movement

Katie Pavlich’s new book, Assault and Flattery, exposes the liberal heroes of the women’s movement and provides one of the most dynamic arguments against modern leftism. While Ann Coulter exposes the heinous dimensions of leftism and race, so does Pavlich expose the left’s hypocrisy and abusive nature toward women.

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Great Britain and the United States: The Ties that Bind

If America has Ron Paul, then Great Britain has Daniel Hannan. Both are pro-liberty warriors, bred out of their respective Anglophone environments and inevitably wind up at the same end point: the theme of Anglo-Saxon civilization is liberty.

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