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Employing the West’s Communications Apparatus

While post-election media coverage of Russian involvement in U.S. politics focused on a Democratic Party belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin somehow tipped the scales against Hillary Clinton’s billion dollar presidential campaign, detailed studies show that the Kremlin has a … Continue reading

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The American Presidency

B rion McClanahan, who holds a PhD in American history from the University of South Carolina, is author or co-author of four important books dealing with issues fundamental to our survival as a free, constitutional system. He previously wrote The … Continue reading

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The Bond between Faith and Freedom

It was half a century ago that Ronald Reagan emerged as America’s most eloquent spokesman for conservative principles. In his 1964 speech, “A Time for Choosing,” Reagan demonstrated that he was a more consequential campaigner for Barry Goldwater than was … Continue reading

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‘False Dawn’ and ‘High Stalinism’

For years the “basic book” on Communism in Eastern Europe was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Soviet Bloc. While it was an excellent and definitive work, Brzezinski did not have access to a mountain of documentation about how dictatorships were imposed on the East European states. With this data, Anne Applebaum has compiled a precise and detailed account of the process by which this was done.

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