Book Reviews by Pawel Piotr Styrna

Legacy of Courage, Hope, and Freedom

Monika Jabłońska’s Wind From Heaven is indispensable reading for anyone wishing to understand the thoughts and actions of the Polish-born Pontiff John Paul II. The book is not a biography in the strict sense. Rather, the author focuses on certain … Continue reading

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Appeasing the Kremlin

Russia and Putin have been in the news a great deal in the past few months. Admittedly, many of the stories have been shrill and hysterical conspiracy theories about “Russian hacking” purveyed by Democrats still angry over the election results. … Continue reading

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Recalling the Disaster of the Nazi-Soviet Pact – Part of a Long Geopolitical History

On the night of August 22-23, 1939, in Moscow, leaders of two of the most evil totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century – the Third German Reich and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact, also … Continue reading

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How the West lost Czechoslovakia to the Communists

Could the United States and the West have saved Czechoslovakia from half a century of the communist yoke following the Second World War? Igor Lukes—the author of On the Edge of the Cold War: American Diplomats and Spies in Postwar … Continue reading

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The Dangers of American Decline

Is the United States declining, and if so, how is it manifesting itself? What are the causes of the decline? Further, what does that mean for America and, indeed, the world? Zbigniew Brzezinski’s latest book – Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power – is a contribution to this debate.

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