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European Disunion

Could the European Union, for many a symbol of freedom and cooperation,be viewed from a perspective other than that of a union of states concerned with keeping international peace? Is there something that most have been missing when analyzing this … Continue reading

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Martyrs of the 21st Century

Perhaps Robert Royal, author of The Catholic Martyrs in the 20th Century, best captures the essence of George Marlin’s latest book, when he writes, “In the twentieth century, atheists persecuted Christians. In this century, Middle Eastern Muslims are oppressing, driving … Continue reading

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A Generation Deceived

Katie Kieffer, political commentator, weekly columnist and popular public speaker stands up for the Millennial generation in what she sees as a denunciation of President Barack Obama’s “war” on Millennials. The current administration has its number of critics stemming from … Continue reading

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The Germans Who Stood Against Hitler

The Nazi regime left a hauntingly tragic mark on the civilized world. The horrors and misery of that period have scarred the soul of humanity. As mankind moves further and further away from that dark stain in its history, the vivid and sinister memories of the Nazi experience shall forever be kept in the memory…

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Killing the Future by Dwelling on the Past

Progress, the incontestable desideratum which all modern nations are after and few get to achieve, is the driving force of the twenty first century. Even so, many nations today seem to have come across insurmountable obstacles in their quest to attain such progress. The book “The Arab cocoon” by Tarek Heggy offers an engaging and knowledgeable analysis of the idea of just such potentially insurmountable obstacles standing in the way of development in the Arab world.

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A Look into Western Civilization’s Future

What do the Roman Empire, the prehistoric Greek civilization of Mycenae and the Egyptian Empire all have in common? Extinction. The book How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too) by David P. Goldman offers an appealing insight into possible causes for the extinction of many great and ancient societies as well as an interesting analysis into what the author thinks may represent the end of Western Civilization, in its current form. Continue reading

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