Articles by Sally Anne Jackson

Protest in Iran and the Strange Islamist-Progressive Alliance

Donald Trump, in profound contrast to the mainstream media, is giving his entire support to the #IranProtesters. One brave and insightful man is using social media’s Twitter platform to undercut the entire Deep State media complex. Never have so many … Continue reading

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I Did It: The World’s Most Successful False Flag Operation!

These six false flag efforts at undermining the Left have so far led to 1000 additional Republicans in elected office in the last election. I think it’s reasonable to expect a doubling of this number in the next election. By … Continue reading

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A Snickers and Corn View of Pundits and Pussyhats

Why do so many countries in the rest of the world hate America? It’s everything that motivates pundits and professors, except it’s on steroids. America is thriving, wealthy and successful, so by comparison, it’s a threat to the identity of … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities — No, Wait, It’s a Tale of Two Galaxies

You asked me about my support of Trump. Everyone I know in New York City is appalled by President Trump. In the small town where I spend half my time, it’s the reverse. For them, the views of blue voters … Continue reading

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