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Why Phyllis Schlafly Endorsed Donald Trump

Phyllis chose Mr. Trump because she knew he’d be a fighter — he has not disappointed. Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan challenged President Gerald Ford for the 1976 presidential nomination. Having lost in a close contest, Reagan was asked to address the GOP convention in Kansas City. Reagan endorsed Ford and his remarks at the Republican convention in Kemper Arena were gracious, positive and forward looking – a sharp contrast to Cruz’s defiant remarks at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Wednesday night. Continue reading

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Heidi Cruz, The Council on Foreign Relations, and ‘Building a North American (Union) Community’

Some of Ted Cruz’s primary opponents for Senate brought up ‘Building a North American Community’ (BNAC) in 2012, and Cruz responded that the criticisms were a distraction because “this race isn’t about the CFR.” Yet, as Donald Trump has brought issues involving immigration and trade to the forefront of national debate, national sovereignty has become a key issue in the 2016 race. Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller said that the race ultimately boiled down to “nation-state versus globalism.” By lending her name to one of the most pernicious attempts to undermine our American sovereignty, Heidi Cruz stood firmly on the side of globalism. The BNAC blueprint remains. It raises the question, “Would a President Cruz embrace the Council on Foreign Relations’ North American Community?” Continue reading

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