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Reagan-Thatcher in the Age of Trump: The Origins of the Anglo-American Alliance

So, the Trump-May relationship begins on the cusp of greatness, and while many are not quite convinced that Theresa May is a true Conservative, this is a fresh start between both countries with a promising past. But much of the … Continue reading

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Clinton Inc.’s China Legacy, a Warning to Trump’s Presidency

Year of the Rat, sixteen years later, is still recommended to those who wish to understand how the Executive Branch under the Clintons and Gore through money, power and influence has historically exposed the Democrat political party, and allowed American … Continue reading

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Moments of Truth: The Free Speech Movement of 2016

The awareness of media enslavement is now infused within the consciousness of the American people. The treasure trove of truth is seemingly endless: the darkness of government, its bureaucracy, and its secret. WikiLeaks and other brave individuals have freed people from the enslavement of the so-called free press. WikiLeaks has reinforced the people’s right to know. Once the people know, the need to enforce self-governance and hold their United States representative Republic accountable is up to the citizenry. Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher’s Culture War

In legendary Churchillian wit, the inspiration for the title of the book embodies both the satirical humor of Monty Python and the very serious views of Denis Thatcher, who thought that the management of the BBC were Trotskyites. The British … Continue reading

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RNC Day Four: Donald Trump “I’m With You”

The enthusiasm in the room was galvanizing and it was an ideal discourse to prepare for the RNC finale with unforgettable orations by Reverend Dr. Steve Bailey, Tom Barrack, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Their full speeches speak for themselves – Donald Trump is with you, Donald Trump is with American greatness, and Donald Trump is with the movement to take back the White House. Continue reading

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RNC Day Three: “We Like Mike”

Most already know that Cruz received boos, and Hillary “Lock her up!” chants resounded throughout the Quicken Loans Arena, but contrast that with the cheers of “I like Mike” by the Delegates representing the people at the RNC. This is just the start of the work ahead for Americans; no one said a Republican Renaissance would be easy. Continue reading

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RNC Day Two: A Republican Renaissance

As our constitutional liberties hang by tattered threads, the Republican Party or the GOP, will now be known as the Grand Opportunity Party for a Stronger America. Life-long to newly converted Republicans have woven a tapestry that has extended the political boundaries at a frontiersman’s pace, revisiting old ideas that worked, while exploring new ideas and perspectives. Continue reading

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RNC Day One: All Lives Matter

Faith and family were the core themes in the first day of the Convention, and the importance that all lives really do matter to people who are a part of the Republican Party, even those of the unborn. Continue reading

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Brexit: Charlemagne vs. ‘Rule Britannia!’

What Brexit makes clear is that the British want their country back. They believe their beloved and ingrained notion of ‘Britishness’ being threatened in Europe elicited reactions from those who have had enough of the ruling class dictating the terms of success, power, and control. Continue reading

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Media Repression on the Question of What is a “natural born Citizen”?

Very clearly there is a distinction between a “natural born Citizen” and a naturalized citizen—they are not the same. Consistently, the notion of natural born Citizens implied that both parents would need to be citizens of the same country in order for their child to inherit the citizenship through natural law. More importantly, the father, leading the wife’s citizenship and identity meant that their child would perpetuate the loyalties and identity of the model citizen to uphold the Republic envisioned by the constitutional Framers. Continue reading

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The Fog of EPA’s Regulatory War on America

One president and founder of a coal mining company, who started his business in 1979, employs over 1,000 workingmen and women. He sees the Clean Power Plan (CPP) as a direct threat to the millions of dollars in investments he and his customers (power plants and mills) have already made to comply with the Clean Air Act. If implemented, the additional regulations of the CPP, “would force power plants to reduce carbon emissions to a level that is technically unachievable and would force the closure of coal fired power plants across our country.” Continue reading

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A Christian Woman Stands Against the Enemy Within

“Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,” Christine Weick declared at the Washington National Cathedral. “We have built …allowed you your mosques in this country…”

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Passing the Torch of Truth and Freedom

How would historians and biographers look upon the 20th century when two immovable ladies, a Queen and a Prime Minister, simultaneously governed the same nation during a period of uncertainty? One would sensibly begin with Charles Moore’s biography about the British Prime Minister who came to be known as Margaret Thatcher. Mr. Moore’s first volume was released in May of this year, shortly after the death of the late Prime Minister. Even when preparing for her eventual passing Margaret Thatcher was capable of choosing a writer who would follow through with a distinctive, yet independent task of telling her story.

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Remembering the Legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Baroness Margaret Thatcher, amidst rain and sunshine in London, died on April 8, 2013 at 87 years of age. Even her last day in the United Kingdom was symbolic; Europe, emerging out of a long, tiring, and restlessly cold winter, parallels the political climate in which Thatcher completed her tenure as Prime Minister.

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Look to the Lady Who Could Lead

Hillary is facing a Monica moment. With the unveiling of the Benghazi catastrophe, ‘disgraceful, embarrassing and deadly’ is the obvious description used to portray current U.S. foreign policy.

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