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One of Last Living Holocaust Survivors Offers Enduring Advice

Martin Greenfield is a world-renowned White House and celebrity tailor. He has made suits for everyone from presidents Eisenhower to Obama, LeBron James to Paul Newman, and Frank Sinatra to the cast of The Great Gatsby. Continue reading

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Did Obama Instruct the IRS to Target Pro-Israel Groups?

As a proxy for the Obama administration, the IRS has thus far successfully achieved their goal of blocking Z Street from educating Americans about the realities of Israel and the Middle East, while preventing them from exercising their First Amendment rights. Continue reading

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Relationship With Israel Needs to be ‘Attended To,’ says Governor Kasich

The damage that has been done by the Obama administration concerning American policy toward Israel during the past six and a half years needs to be corrected if Israel is to survive in an ever increasingly anti-Semitic world and emerging nuclear Iran. Continue reading

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