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Trump Lets You Vote on Controversial 2020 Census Changes

The OMB’s decision on whether to implement Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to change the census to create a Middle Eastern-North African racial category and other government surveys is only part of the story. While the Obama Census Bureau has endorsed … Continue reading

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The Consequences of Absentee Election Month

Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton along with the national and state Democrat parties challenged the reform law “under the Voting Rights Act and argued it disproportionately affected minority voters. Republican backers argued it was needed to prevent voting fraud.” Even the usually liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to overturn a decision by a lower court that upheld the new law. Continue reading

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The War on Neighborhood Voting Precincts

By removing voting from a local neighborhood precinct where voting can easily be observed by friends and neighbors, as well as poll watchers, vote centers open the door to vote fraud. They are also dependent on computer connected voting poll … Continue reading

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Were Muslim Voters Behind Sanders’ Surprising Upset in Michigan?

One key fact observers overlooked is that Sanders definitely won the Michigan primary when you add over 100,000 Muslims from other races to Arab-Americans (which are still defined as white by the Census Bureau). The Arab-American Institute and other Arab-American organizations are supporting the Census Bureau’s effort to add a separate Middle East and North African (MENA) racial category to the upcoming 2020 Census. Arab-Americans are now counted as an ancestry under the white racial category, which the Institute believes lowers their numbers. Besides increasing the numbers of Arab-Americans that will help provide more funding for political groups like the Institute, the MENA category will also assist in greater Arab voter mobilization by ensuring the availability of foreign language ballots and translation services at polling places for the first time. Continue reading

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Can the Census Bureau Survive a November Election Surprise?

It is very troubling that according to Crudele, “more than a hundred data-gathering computers were missing from the Philadelphia region of Census the month before the last Presidential election. Some were supervisors’ computers that could have easily been used to change economic results, including the unemployment rate. Census has refused to explain how the computers went missing.” Continue reading

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How Illegal Immigrants Give Democrats the Edge in Close Elections

If the criteria of citizen-only population is used from the last census, these changes would cost Democrats four electoral votes as well as possibly four U.S. House seats. As Steinhorn points out “U.S. elections have been decided by far narrower margins. One electoral vote decided the 1876 presidential election. A swing of three electoral votes in 2000 would have elected Al Gore… Though they can’t cast an actual ballot, we effectively allow noncitizens to have an indirect, and possibly decisive, say in choosing the President.” Continue reading

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Experience Shows that There is no Such Thing as an “Independent Redistricting Commission”

The Democrats six seat edge in 2012 was largely due to its five seat gain in the nine states with appointed commissions (which controlled 99 U.S. House seats) and its seven seat gain in the nine states, where the courts intervened and drew the map for 120 U.S. House seats. This means that in 2012, for maybe the first time in U.S. history, appointed rather than elected officials decided the boundaries of a majority of (219) U.S. House districts. Continue reading

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Is Obama’s Census Bureau Balkanizing America?

The Israeli category is more controversial with some in the Israeli-American community. In Jewish population studies, most American Jews say they are Jewish by religion. Race and ethnicity have a complicated, terrible history for Jews, and American Jewish organizations were among those opposed to census questions about religion in the past reflecting their concerns related to the Nuremberg laws. Germany’s Nazi government used information from its own census to track down Jews. Continue reading

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Obama Administration Takes First Steps for New, Largely Muslim, Middle East-North Africa Census Category

According to the Pew Research Center, “Census data are vital to determining everything from how congressional districts are drawn, which local governments are required to provide foreign language ballots in elections, $400 billion in federal aid programs and enforcement of civil rights laws.” As Rashad al-Dabbagh of the Network of Arab-American Professionals, Democrat activist and former member of the Obama administration at the Census Bureau states bluntly, the “census numbers are critical for another reason: political power.” Continue reading

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What’s Behind Obama’s Call for Mandatory Voting?

Leftist groups like the ‘Center for American Progress’ and ‘Demos,’ including such progressive luminaries as John Podesta, Van Jones, as well as Barack Obama, have previously endorsed compulsory voting laws to guarantee progressive government. The first step on the road to mandatory voting is mandatory voter registration.

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Obama Amnesty Opens the Door to Voter Registration Fraud

Noncitizens are on voter registration lists all over the country. In Ohio, a key battleground state with millions of registered voters third party group registrations occur without the presence of election officials.

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What’s Behind Those Pre-Election “Rosy Scenario” Unemployment Reports?

The last U.S. Labor Department unemployment rate report before a major election once again recently reported a big drop just below a significant milestone. The rate which is based on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey dropped from 6.1% in August to 5.9% in September in just one month. It is the first time the unemployment rate has fallen below 6% in more than six years.

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Is the Obama administration corrupting the U.S. Census to save ObamaCare?

The Obama administration has made major changes in a U.S. census survey, the Current Population Survey (CPS), so that it will make ObamaCare look better on the critical question of whether it is reducing the number of uninsured Americans. A New York Times report last week kicked off the latest controversy over how the Obama administration will do everything it can to save the controversial program including manipulating the numbers.

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