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Major’s Major Mistakes

The man responsible for putting pen to paper over the infamous Maastricht Treaty in 1992 tried to tell the country that they were the ones who had been wrong to back Brexit. John Major, part of the crack team of … Continue reading

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Lords Rebellion Won’t Scupper Brexit – Here’s Why

By Alexandra Phillips l March 8, 2017 LONDON-There was a sharp intake of breath yesterday as the House of Lords added a second amendment to the Government’s Brexit Bill. The legislation enabling Theresa May to trigger Article 50 by the … Continue reading

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Perhaps We Should Be Thankful for the Frenzy on the Radical Left

A braying and hypersensitive radical left is in many respects far better than their wily New Labour predecessors. After all, it was the likes of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson who secretly administered the snake oil that sold Britain across … Continue reading

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Brexit and Trump, the Two Big Electoral Shocks of 2016, Meet the New Narrative

When Theresa May went to meet Donald Trump in Washington, I was avidly watching and waiting to see how they would meld. The result was what I wanted: A reaffirmation of one of the most important global alliances in history, … Continue reading

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Why Theresa May Has Played a Blinder

What with all the new free trade deals in the pipeline for Britain, and the EU’s infamous glacial pace at negotiating anything, as well as the constant economic alarm bells clanging from the crippled economies of the Mediterranean Eurozone (that … Continue reading

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2017 Will Hail the European Spring

Scan the entire continent and there are more than just small pockets of discontent. Brexit is likely the first domino to fall and Malta’s Muscat must surely know this. It is under his stewardship what happens next. For the EU, … Continue reading

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Brexit Means Business

My advice to Theresa May is “come to Ghana”. Come to the smaller countries in the developing world, trying to break through into the global market place. Come to the African Commonwealth who have been heinously undermined by multinational trade deals piped through the one-stop-shop of plutocratic Brussels where big business have dictated terms which have seen West African nations stripped of tariffs that afforded one third of their national GDP, being forced to trade on even terms when the ground is far from that. This week Theresa May said Brexit offered the UK the opportunity to be a world leader. Come to Ghana, Mrs May, or as Ghanaians would say ‘Akwaaba’. I am sure you will be very welcome indeed. Continue reading

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Brexit, Article 50 and constitutional crisis: Why our quaint little nation, with its incredible history, was never really part of the EU

By repealing the European Economic Communities Act 1972 that initially brought us into the EU, decades of improvised legislative stacking would suddenly become unconstitutional. If a direct ‘yes or no’ question were put to Parliament, on repealing the Act or … Continue reading

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Brexit: UK High Court Intervenes

Nobody is saying the referendum shouldn’t have happened, nor does this current judgment deny the result, it merely questions the apparatus by which the decision is now put into effect. The process should have the continuous involvement of recourse to Parliament, and could therefore drag on even longer, opening the door for economic instability both in the UK and in Europe in the interim. With a second Eurozone crisis looming, nobody wants Brexit to take decades. Continue reading

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How does a Union leave a Union?

The principle clamor from each devolved country’s Nationalists is to remain in the Single Market, essentially a false dichotomy and surely off the table, thus moving the narrative closer towards a second Scottish referendum. May doesn’t appear willing to give way, and Sturgeon’s majority is such that she has almost absolute power in Scotland. I wonder now whether the imperative ‘leave’, from Catalonia to Cardiff to California is an even more attractive concept, in a new digitized, global era Continue reading

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When does Brexit mean Brexit?

It’s fair to say that the new UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, having only been in office for a mere couple of months, has already demonstrated that she intends her government to commit to ‘full Brexit’. She has prudently placed … Continue reading

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