Clinton Inc.’s China Legacy, a Warning to Trump’s Presidency

Year of the Rat, sixteen years later, is still recommended to those who wish to understand how the Executive Branch under the Clintons and Gore through money, power and influence has historically exposed the Democrat political party, and allowed American national security secrets to be stolen by the Chinese government and proliferated to enemy nations.

By Monica Morrill l December 12, 2016


From the founding of the United States, the War of Independence was itself a profound statement to ensure that no foreign power would have influence over the American people. In his 1796 farewell address, President George Washington reinforced this philosophy, which has since been a warning rephrased as ‘beware of foreign entanglements’ – Washington mentioned the word “foreign” fifteen times with a clear, cautionary tone. It’s a pity the Clintons didn’t heed Washington’s wisdom.

Rather, Americans find themselves recalling the famously paraphrased quote inspired by playwright and poet William Congreve, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ in love, which can be sizably amplified when she is rejected in modern politics; particularly in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections. At first glance it’s difficult to tell which woman carries more resentment toward the people who voted, and the subsequent election results: Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, or Democrat Party Candidate Hillary Clinton.

It helps tremendously, therefore, to step back in time – before Voter ID laws became a hot topic among state legislatures, before Acorn was investigated for the 2008 elections, even before the Florida recount in the 2000 Presidential election – and review the political scandal that has been lost in 20th century history: how President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton betrayed Americans irreversibly by capitulating to foreign interference.

Not “Stronger Together” but “Pay-to-Play Together”

In Year of the Rat: How Bill Clinton and Al Gore Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash, co-authors Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II in 2000 have updated and expanded the first edition New York Times Bestseller originally published in 1998. Reviewing some of the details that endangered U.S. national security, U.S. foreign policy, and U.S. military strategy in the 1980s and 1990s is helpful to understanding why the Stein-Clinton challenge to the 2016 Presidential election results drag on, while simultaneously foreign nations express concerns about the Trump administration forming.

The origins of degrading of our military by political force can be reasonably traced back to the Vietnam War, but political attacks against the U.S. military and intelligence continued under the Carter administration. The Reagan administration renewed the military but by 1989 at the end of the Cold War, the importance of military and defense policy began to drift again. Co-authors Timperlake and Triplett prove conclusively that with the emergence of the Clinton administration, the U.S. military has been considerably damaged, and Americans are still suffering the consequences: “In their scramble to secure and maintain power, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have left a horrible legacy of corruption.”

The core message throughout the book is how the Chinese communists (PRC, PLA, and espionage) donated mainly money to the Clintons, Gore, and the Democrat Party for political and legal protection, while thieving from the United States. The entire affair appeared to begin rather innocently with Chinese and Taiwanese friends of the Clintons going back to the Clinton Arkansas days, but it quickly declined, with a cascade of illegal foreign campaign contributions to secure the 1992 and 1996 Democratic presidential nomination. As the Clintons’ need for cash and political funding rose, there was a correlation of growing dependency on the generosity of Chinese potentates. What emerged was a growing network of Chinese government (PRC) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA, the armed forces of the PRC) money with the intent to gain access in the highest levels of the U.S. federal government: the Department of Commerce, the SEC, the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon. The co-authors highlight that the gravest “mistake in military-to-military relations is its obsession with training the PLA in logistics.”

Throughout the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton was known as the political fixer, and often Hillary Clinton used her prowess as the financial fixer. Hillary Clinton was also deemed to be the Chief Operating Officer between the campaign contributions and the Chinese operatives. The co-authors refer to this organization as Clinton, Inc. Below are just a few cases with a synopsis of the illegal activity detailed in Year of the Rat and other media sources:

Charlie Trie and Ng Lap Seng: are members of Triad gangs, which are Chinese criminal enterprises. Ng Lap Seng is a Macau criminal syndicate figure publicly involved in real estate development. A U.S. Justice Department report in 1988, pre-Clinton, Inc., listed Triad businesses as “narcotics trafficking, money laundering, contract murders, illegal gambling, loansharking, extortion, interstate prostitution rings and alien smuggling.” After the criminal activity is established in a host country, a Triad begins to infiltrate legitimate businesses. Mr. Trie has since pled guilty to minor campaign funding offenses, but later revelations uncovered his involvement in germ warfare. Ng Lap Seng is awaiting trial in January 2017 by New York prosecutors on UN bribery charges, which also involves the suspicious death of John Ashe, former president of the UN General Assembly from Antigua and Barbados, who died just a week before he was to testify on allegedly receiving $1.3 million in bribe money; $500,000 is said to be from Ng Lap Seng. The bail for Ng Lap Seng has been set at $50 million after his arrest in 2015 for allegedly giving false statements to U.S. customs officials after bringing in $4.5 million from China.

John Huang: forged relationships in Arkansas with Clinton, Inc. early in Bill’s years as governor and by 1992 Huang continued engaging in illegal campaign fund-raising for Clinton, transferring money from the Riady family usually through their Lippo business organization. What Huang and the Riadys received in return was a political appointment and a high-level security clearance (without Senate approval) by the Clinton administration for John Huang which gave him access to classified information and a “safe house” by way of Stephens, Inc., which was just across the street from the Commerce Department, where Huang was appointed to work. It was at Stephens, Inc. where counterintelligence officers were deeply concerned about the potential for highly classified information from the White House and the Commerce Department to be transmitted to a foreign nation.

COSCO: is the reserve merchant marine fleet of the PLAN (PLA Navy) shrouded as a Chinese commercial carrier or shipping company. China (PRC) usually exercises business power through the military. COSCO targeted an old U.S. Navy port and U.S. Marine Reserve site in Long Beach, California and succeeded in establishing a presence in the Los Angeles area under the Clinton administration. “In 1996 U.S. Customs agents seized two thousand automatic weapons from a COSCO ship. The cargo was destined for Los Angeles gang members.” An Oakland, California port was embroiled in code name Operation Dragon Fire also in 1996 when the Chinese were using the Empress Phoenix to smuggle fully automatic weapons to street gangs. Up until then they were caught in the largest seizure of its kind in American history.

Loral and military technology transfers: assisted the PLA in perfecting the reliability of their space launch, and had the result of improving the Chinese ICBM strategic strike force. Politicizing the military and endangering military space (milspace) in this context goes back to at least 1980 during the Carter administration when one of the PLA’s leading rocket scientists was allowed in the U.S. for two years of graduate study. A CIA document provided in May of 1998 and presented to Senator Thad Cochran highlighted the similarities and “applicability of Space Launch Vehicle Technology to Ballistic Missiles.” The Chinese space program, it seems, is largely made possible by the theft and/or unwitting donation of U.S. technology. There are even threats to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the co-authors emphasize that, “Unfortunately, some of Clinton’s friends in China have found ways to participate in American capital markets while circumventing U.S. securities laws . . . China wants our investment capital as well as our technology.”

Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 by PLA, Secretary of Defense William Perry and Sandy Berger: most recall that the victims of the massacre were mainly students protesting on Tiananmen Square June 3-4, 1989, however, few know that some who died at the hands of the PLA were children as young as three years old. A little known fact is the PLA had a larger problem because that infamous day 450 other cities concurrently had the same type of citizen unrest, amid anti-PRC dissidents’ quest for freedom. The co-authors write, “Under the Clinton administration, almost every senior PLA officer in a command position at Tiananmen made a triumphal tour of Washington,” thanks in part to Secretary of Defense William Perry and Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security adviser whom it’s suspected led the typically hard-core Pentagon to become ‘more friendly’ toward the PLA. For instance, according to a U.S. army general, General Xu Huizi is responsible for leading the bloody attack on Chinese demonstrators in 1989, but during General Xu’s 1994 visit to Washington, D.C. under the Clinton administration he received a nineteen-gun salute from a U.S. military honor guard at the Pentagon. General Xu’s visit was intended to be kept a secret by the Clinton administration but American taxpayers also found out that they paid $13,200 for General Xu and his entourage to have a four-day visit to Hawaii.

The real Clinton motto is not “Stronger Together” for America but rather “Pay-to-Play Together” for global corruption.

The 1996 and 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections

From the beginning of Bill Clinton’s Presidency in 1993, his intentions appeared to be honorable. Clinton’s first Executive Order involved Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees, yet the Clinton-China alliance completely unraveled his own written standard.

The most striking correlation between Bill Clinton as president in the 1990s (Year of the Rat) and Bill Clinton as the husband of Democrat candidate for President in 2016, was his ability to position himself politically over the sitting Attorney Generals and control or manipulate law enforcement. On December 12, 1996 Bill Clinton as President met privately with then Attorney General (AG) Janet Reno. The following day, Clinton officially confirmed that Reno would continue as AG and the Buddhist temple affair case investigating Vice President Al Gore for criminal violations with people connected to the PRC and PLA in mid-October 1996 was conveniently dropped. The co-authors wrote that, “In December 1996 Clinton and Reno struck a deal: four more years for Reno as attorney general in return for the most significant obstruction of justice in a generation.”

Nearly twenty years later, on June 27, 2016 as Bill Clinton’s private jet was preparing to take off in Phoenix, Arizona, AG Loretta Lynch’s jet had just landed. While both planes were on the tarmac, according to a law enforcement official, “[Clinton] climbed aboard taking Lynch by surprise,” and they talked privately for about 30 minutes. Lynch claimed that no FBI investigations were discussed with Clinton. Judicial Watch stated that the meeting “creates the appearance of a violation of law, ethical standards and good judgment.”

But here is the pattern: Bill Clinton conveniently meets privately with both AGs Reno (1996) and Lynch (2016) in the middle of an investigation on his Vice President and wife, respectively. Within days of Bill Clinton meeting with the each AG, both investigations surrounding criminal violations are either dropped or fade away from a public forum. Both of the private Bill Clinton AG meetings are during a Presidential election year.

The co-authors posit that the Clinton administration from 1993 for eight years adopted Neville Chamberlain’s foreign policy of appeasement. All of Europe paid a heavy price for Chamberlain’s foolishness in World War II; just as more than the United States lives in a much more dangerous world due to the follies of the Clintons and Gore. Timperlake and Triplett wrote prophetically in 1998 before September 11th that not just U.S. allies but also, “The United States, in the end, may be the biggest loser from a policy of appeasement. Our cities have become the targets of more reliable nuclear-tipped missiles . . . The only winners from a policy of appeasement are the dictators and those who make money supplying them with war material.”

Timperlake and Triplett initially began their book surrounding the nature of national security, yet what emerged was even more shocking. The number of Faustian bargains the Clintons and Gore made to maintain their political power and the vast number of foreigners involved in strengthening their grip on controlling the United States.

The challenge of recount votes in this year’s Presidential election is epitomized in the characters of the two leading candidates: Donald Trump is known for the Art of the Deal, while Hillary Clinton is known for the Art of the Steal. Hillary failed to rob America this year. The Clintons have been pilfering America for nearly four decades, including but not limited to: constant lying, intimidating people, accepting illegal political donations, threatening U.S. national security, disturbing law and order by way of enabling global criminals domestically and abroad, losing and endangering American lives in Benghazi, and the list continues.

An instant New York Times bestseller for twenty-two weeks when it was first published in 1998, and updated in 2000, Year of the Rat, offers an accurate preview of the Clinton political machine. This year in 2016, Mr. Timperlake reinforced this story as, “The greatest PLA military modernization and mobilization ever seen, faster than Nazi Germany, is a direct result of the profundity of greed in the Clinton administration and has lasting impact today and into the future against America and our allies.”

Also this year, Dinesh D’Souza has continued this theme of the theft from the U.S. by foreign powers through Hillary Clinton in his book and corresponding documentary, Hillary’s America. Nonetheless, long before Dinesh D’Souza began to unearth the secret history of the Democrat Party when, “The Democrats went from slavery to enslavement: social engineering and social corrupt big-city bosses . . .” the Clinton family influence spanning three decades from Attorney General of Arkansas to the Clinton Foundation was already in motion. Co-authors Timperlake and Triplett get to the source of the Clinton origins and the motives behind their rise: the Chinese communist desire to penetrate American greatness through finance, intelligence, security, and defense. This is Clinton Inc.’s legacy to the incoming Trump presidency.

Year of the Rat, sixteen years later, is still recommended to those who wish to understand how the Executive Branch under the Clintons and Gore through money, power and influence has historically exposed the Democrat political party, and allowed American national security secrets to be stolen by the Chinese government and proliferated to enemy nations. Although there were numerous strategic errors by the Republicans, one cannot help but admire and single out a few of the heroes in the book amidst their investigations that helped inform the public: Congressman Gerald Solomon who was Chairman of the House Rules Committee, and Senator Fred Thompson leading the “Thompson committee” under the government oversight committee.

However, it’s an ardent wish by more than just Americans that the co-authors consider updating Year of the Rat to a third edition, or co-author an entire new book that fully encompasses the Clintons from the 1990s through to Hillary Clinton as: New York Senator; a Democrat candidate for President in 2008; Secretary of State from 2009-2013; leader of criminal activity under the Clinton Foundation; and Hillary as the Democrat nominee for President in 2016. There is much information yet to unfold.

Monica Morrill is a Geographer focusing on government regulation and policies. She co-authored the book BETRAYED: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father. Ms. Morrill was a member of the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee to President-elect Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections. Ms. Morrill is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis, of the conservative-online-journalism center at the Washington-based Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research.