Congressman Steve King: “Let no Immigration Legislation go to the Floor!”

King made special note to cite Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) whose recent memo entitled “Immigration and the GOP Agenda” outlines a conservative platform for approaching immigration and the economy, with Senator Sessions advocating “a trade policy that increases U.S. exports and expands domestic manufacturing.”

By Taylor Rose | March 27, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner may have decided to halt any proceedings on immigration, but Congressman Steve King (R-IA) remains steadfast making sure “nothing comes to the floor that relates to immigration.”

For the conservative Mr. King, the fight is not solely limited to amnesty for illegal aliens, but rather is part of a larger picture attempting to halt the advance of President Barack Obama’s radical left-wing agenda. King firmly believes the GOP should put forward “no immigration legislation until we get a new president because we cannot trust this one.”

Despite the recent positive signs from Speaker Boehner that the Republican Party will stand up to Obama, King remains skeptical the Republican leadership will not continue to pursue amnesty for illegal aliens, in some capacity. “The leadership is going to continue to convince members of our conference and the American people that the principles they have put out are logical and reasonable,” King said.

The Hawkeye State lawmaker described the nature of the pro-amnesty supporters at the recent GOP retreat as wanting to “demonstrate their loyalty” to the party leadership. However, he noted they still “had a strong lack of conviction in their voice.”

King explains that “many members still feel they can work with Obama and compromise with him,” but he still asks them how they can “work with a man who is as untrustworthy as this President? If the Constitution doesn’t restrain him, how do you think you could write a bill that could restrain him?”

King warns that “anything we pass will go to the Senate and anything from the Gang of Eight can be attached to the bill.”

Yet, still being optimistic, King perhaps sees a potential area for a conservative victory in a border security bill “which can be lifted out of the Gang of the Eight’s bill, before the Corker amendment.”

The problem though with any bill that comes out of Congress, no matter how sound it is in securing the border and restricting immigration, is the inevitable problem of the president. As the chief executive, the president is tasked with enforcing the laws that Congress passes. King fears any congressional plan that does not conform to President Obama’s ideology is compromise, for he asks rhetorically “how are you going to get the president to enforce the law when he defies his own oath of office?”

Conservatives and blue collar workers should remain on guard, putting pressure on their representatives, as King describes the factions behind amnesty are groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which are “aggressively pushing for cheap labor for some of their members.” Bill Gates wants “more cheap labor so he can get his H1-B visas for high skilled workers.”

In addition to the Chamber, King wants to know “how much is Bill Gates bringing in? How much is Mark Zuckerberg bringing in? And what about the money once removed from George Soros. I cannot explain it in any other way. They [pro-amnesty Republicans] can’t even be sustained in their own arguments.”

The Congressman lamented the strong influence of George Soros, who is “sliding money in the back door even trying to get some Evangelical Christian groups on board.”

King warned about the billionaire’s proxies. “Soros money is dirty money. He is not an America lover. He pushes hard for the hardest of leftist agendas in America.”

Conservatives who think taking a pro-amnesty stance is a truly bi-partisan approach are irrational, according to King. “Zuckerberg was a strong, strong supporter of Barack Obama and so is Bill Gates, who also pushes many left-wing causes. So why would we think that they are on our side.”

King is hopeful. He believes the GOP House caucus may start turning against amnesty as the “rank and file” has done. He says House Republicans are coming to the realization that “the Republican Party is going to commit suicide if we pass an amnesty plan.”

King attributes it to lack of member experience in dealing with the immigration issue. “We have half of our Republican conference that has only been here for three years or less. They have not had an intense immigration debate until now.”

As Congressman King sees it, amnesty for illegal aliens and unfettered mass immigration spells the political death knell of the Republican Party and end of America as we’ve known it. He cites California as a prime example and the ongoing campaign by the Castro brothers of San Antonio to turn Texas into a blue state.

Congressman King fears “if Texas becomes California, we will never see a conservative president again”

King stressed that “no matter where immigrants come from, they are generally going to come from a less conservative type of society than the traditional American civilization.” Therefore given their lack of cultural similarities between traditional American values and identity and most of the world, by continuing to import millions of individuals without any form of assimilation, “we will move from the center to the left simply by the flow of immigration” through “the arrival of a bunch of people who do not hold to the same philosophy of government that Middle America does.”

Congressman King is convinced it has been “the agenda of the Obama Administration to flood America with illegal immigration and it has been the agenda of the Democrat Party for some time.” For any Republican, “It is completely illogical to take such a position of being pro-amnesty” given the prediction if amnesty is granted to illegal aliens “they will vote 2-1 Democrat.”

No polling shows that Republicans will benefit from taking the Democrat position on anything that relates to immigration. “There is just no data that says otherwise.”

Asked who is looking out for the American worker if the GOP leadership and the Democrat Party are for mass amnesty, King replied, “it is the rank and file of the Republican Party.” They are now the advocates for the blue collar, working class American, whether rural or urban.

King made special note to cite Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) whose recent memo entitled “Immigration and the GOP Agenda” outlines a conservative platform for approaching immigration and the economy, with Senator Sessions advocating “a trade policy that increases U.S. exports and expands domestic manufacturing.”

Taylor Rose is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.A. in International Relations from the Helms School of Government. Fluent in English and German he has worked and studied throughout Europe specializing in American and European politics. He is a prolific writer and author of the book Return of the Right an analysis on the revival of Conservatism in the United States and Europe. He is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.