Congressman Wolf: ‘Benghazi Four’ State Department Employees Still Being “Intimidated”

Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, within whose district CIA Headquarters is located, is fearful for the safety of the ‘Benghazi Four’ citing that “there are no current forms of [legal] protection for the employees if they would be called to testify.” The non-disclosure agreements they were forced to sign could possibly prevent them from testifying at a hearing.

By Taylor Rose | August 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — In spite of being allowed to return back to their positions, the ‘Benghazi Four’ are still being “intimidated” by the federal government according to Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.).

“They should be allowed to speak the truth, but they’re not” Congressman Wolf told this reporter in an exclusive interview with SFPPR News & Analysis while remarking on how the four State Department employees were forced to sign a “non-disclosure agreement,” whereby they will not reveal what happened at the Benghazi annex on September 11, 2012.

“I think if you’re being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement that is a form of intimidation saying that you better not speak out.”

According to CBS News, “then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton placed Diplomatic Security Chief Eric Boswell, security officials Charlene Lamb and Scott Bultrowicz and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Maghreb Region Raymond Maxwell on administrative leave” after the Accountability Review Board (ARB) conducted its investigation of the Benghazi attacks[emphasis added].

Congressman Wolf links the intimidation of the persons at the annex to President Obama’s CIA director John Brennan, as it was the CIA that forced the annex employees to sign the non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, he cites the possibility that President Obama may be complicit in the silencing of the annex employees, as John Brennan is “close to the White House.”

Amidst controversy and speculation that continues to surround the events of the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012, Congressman Wolf is organizing for a new select committee to be called to clarify the facts of that dreadful night.

Back in January of this year, Congressman Wolf introduced H. Res. 36 for “Establishing a select committee to investigate and report on the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya.” Since then, Wolf has been relentless in pressing his colleagues to support his bill by asking on the House floor “daily questions” regarding information that remains unanswered about the attacks on Benghazi.

At present, Wolf has “168 co-sponsors to set up a bi-partisan select committee to hold public hearings to get answers on the remaining questions on Benghazi.”

In addition to 168 other Members of Congress, Wolf’s bill has also received endorsements from other notable figures and organizations such as former Senator Fred Thompson (R-Tn.), The Heritage Foundation, former Representative and Lt. Col. Allen West (R-Fl.) and Charles Krauthammer.

“There are things that are not being told to the American people” he said, and “there is an effort to keep the truth from the American people.”

Wolf wants to bring before a House Select Committee “all of the people who were on site at the annex” during the time of the attack, as he believes the secret behind why the Benghazi attack happened “all lies in what was going on in the annex.”

When interviewed by SFPPR News & Analysis, Congressman Wolf refused to state what he believes occurred at the annex, but said he “would rather have the people that were there, called before a congressional hearing” to testify as to what actually happened.

Much speculation surrounds the nature of the CIA annex in Benghazi, with many, including Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) postulating that weapons were being trafficked through the consulate to the Free Syrian Army in the civil war there.

Though refusing to specify, Congressman Wolf does believe it is “very disturbing” that many of the terrorist elements involved in the attack in Benghazi, such as Al-Qaeda, are now possibly receiving American aid through the Free Syrian Army in the Syrian Civil war.

Wolf believes it would be quite feasible to assemble a committee and that once assembled, having hired outside staff, we could have the entire picture of the events “in a few months.”

In light of the proposed hearings, Congressman Wolf, within whose district the CIA Headquarters is located, is fearful for the safety of the ‘Benghazi Four’ indicating “there are no current forms of [legal] protection for the employees if they would be called to testify.” Wolf again cites the non-disclosure agreements that they were forced to sign that could prevent them from testifying at a congressional hearing.

“If you’re 55 years old, with 2 kids in college and a mortgage on your house, you cannot afford to lose your job. There has to be a form of protection for the people that are called in” Wolf stressed.

The Congressman fears that given the lack of protections for these employees, the higher ups in the State Department or CIA might attempt to bring sanctions against the annex employees by “wearing them down” through menial tasks, or even having them lose their jobs.

Congressman Wolf is not the first lawmaker to call for new investigations. Back in May of this year, in an interview with World Net Daily, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-Min.) and Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Tx.)also called for a new investigation as many Tea Party Republicans remain skeptical about the honesty of the Obama Administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This skepticism remains consistent with the opinions of the American people, whom, according to a Rasmussen poll back in May, found that “81% of likely U.S. Voters still think it is at least somewhat important to find out what happened in the events surrounding the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. This includes 55% who say it is Very Important.”

Wolf is optimistic that the hearings will commence emphasizing “we’re picking up people every day” on support for a select committee. Additionally, he has not met any resistance from Democrats at the moment, but rather he is primarily concerned with “getting Republicans to be for it first.”

Furthermore, with regards to Speaker Boehner, Congressman Wolf said that he does not believe the Speaker has “been convinced yet” by his petition, but Wolf is “still working on it.”

Taylor Rose is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.A. in International Relations from the Helms School of Government. Fluent in English and German he has worked and studied throughout Europe specializing in American and European politics. He is a prolific writer and author of the book Return of the Right an analysis on the revival of Conservatism in the United States and Europe. He is also a contributor to SFPPR News & Analysis.