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Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan challenged President Gerald Ford for the 1976 presidential nomination. Having lost in a close contest, Reagan was asked to address the GOP convention in Kansas City. Reagan endorsed Ford and his remarks at the Republican convention in Kemper Arena were gracious, positive and forward looking – a sharp contrast to Cruz’s defiant remarks at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Wednesday night.

- By RJ Galliano

RNC Day Three: “We Like Mike”

Most already know that Cruz received boos, and Hillary “Lock her up!” chants resounded throughout the Quicken Loans Arena, but contrast that with the cheers of “I like Mike” by the Delegates representing the people at the RNC. This is just the start of the work ahead for Americans; no one said a Republican Renaissance would be easy.

- By Monica Morrill

RNC Day Two: A Republican Renaissance

As our constitutional liberties hang by tattered threads, the Republican Party or the GOP, will now be known as the Grand Opportunity Party for a Stronger America. Life-long to newly converted Republicans have woven a tapestry that has extended the political boundaries at a frontiersman’s pace, revisiting old ideas that worked, while exploring new ideas and perspectives.

- By Monica Morrill

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