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UK Votes To Leave European Union

Demand Congress Act

Overruling the Courts

Benghazi Terror Attack

Benghazi September 11th

The Third Debate – A Window on “Message Discipline”

First Trump brought up the bombshell revelation – contained in a just-released undercover video – that Clinton-affiliated operatives actually paid and trained people (including homeless and mentally ill people) to attend the Trump rallies for the express purpose of provoking and inciting the very violence needed to create – out of whole cloth – the Clinton media-messaging narrative. Here was near-smoking-gun evidence that it happened, and that this dirty-trick tactic had been used to unfairly smear Trump and his supporters.

- By Gary Hoitsma
Are Capital Gains Income? October 24, 2016

Are Capital Gains Income?

The history of taxing capital gains as income stems from a dubious, and at the time much criticized, Supreme Court decision that reversed prior Supreme Court decisions holding capital gains not to be income. Job changes are not “income” transactions. Nor, are changes in capital. Income is what “comes in” from having the job, just as it’s what “comes in” from having the investment of capital; e.g., dividends, interest, rents, and including business income. Indeed, capital gains are not considered to be income by economists, who exclude them from their computations of GDP. The exclusion is because capital gains are not income in the economic sense.

- By James K Jeanblanc

Junipero Serra and La Virgen de Guadalupe Endorse Trump

Mrs. Clinton’s agenda poses an existential threat to the Christian way of life. She identifies religion as a source of inequality and nastily insists that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” In other words, Catholics, Evangelicals and Baptists are modern versions of prehistoric troglodytes. She has effectively tossed Latinos into the “basket of deplorables” by calling all Hispanic-Americans a bunch of bungling nitwits open to manipulation.

- By Javier Piedra

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