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More Intrusive Big Government


Benghazi Terror Attack

Benghazi September 11th

America: Demand the Movie in Your City Now

Agenda 21: Anti-car bond initiative in San Francisco punishes motorists

We all know San Francisco, California is a liberal, progressive city. So its proposed $500 million ‘Transportation and road improvement’ bond measure on the ballot November 4 isn’t a surprise to most politicos. However, the lack of a single road capacity improvement leaves 81% of San Francisco commuters that rely on cars to get around out in the cold. A total of 10% of commuters walk and only 3% ride a bike to work, and though those numbers exceed the national average, it still shows that even liberals prefer the convenience of the personal automobile.

- By Terri Hall

Not to Worry Folks, Ron Klain is in Charge of Ebola Damage Control

The public outcry over the Obama administration’s handling of Ebola landing in America and infecting health care workers in Dallas, Texas temporarily aroused the President from his habitual “leading from behind” way of doing governing.

- By Morgan Norval

The Obama Administration’s Mishandling of the Ebola Threat

As the Ebola outbreak reeks havoc around the world it also threatens the U.S. In the face of such a dangerous disease, it is only natural that American citizens should be afraid for their safety and would want to know what exactly the Obama administration is doing to keep them safe.

- By Georgiana Constantin

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